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olllllo 08-06-2008 06:02 PM

Finally. Legal Weed Approved!
Anyone have it?




The bottle cap simply states: "Try Legal Weed". It's a play on words that was meant to draw attention to the town in which the beer is made.
But the Bureau "censors" seemed to take issue with that bottle cap and declined to approve the registration of that slogan. Even the U.S. Treasury branch rejected it because drug references are banned on alcoholic beverages due to federal laws. Well somehow, things have suddenly changed.

Arneba28 08-06-2008 06:07 PM

Good for them. Maybe they will get beer snobs and pot heads to buy there beer

Professor Frink 09-03-2008 03:29 AM

Try our legal weed!
I don't know if anyone else saw this story in Draft magazine, but here's an update:

Beer maker wins fight to market 'Legal Weed' - Los Angeles Times

Brewfanatic 09-03-2008 03:44 AM

LOL that's great.

GregR 09-03-2008 04:09 AM

I was just up in weed about 2 weeks ago and had the opportunity to try the Shastafarian Porter. very good. I just wish I could find it down in San Diego. Good for him. I can't believe people would put up a fuss about that. literally almost everything in that town plays on the name.

M@! 09-03-2008 04:09 AM

Bureaucracy is stupid.

homebrewer_99 09-03-2008 04:20 AM


Originally Posted by M@! (Post 830930)
Bureaucracy is stupid.

Don't you mean "bureauCRAZY"??:mug:

Brewtopia 09-03-2008 04:23 AM

I stopped their a few months ago as well. Good beers.

batches_brew 09-03-2008 07:10 AM

I read about that a few weeks ago. I didn't know labels had to be approved. And you thought this country was free. ;)

bull8042 09-03-2008 12:22 PM

I love my country, there are times when I hate my government!

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