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pnh2atl 12-24-2011 01:29 AM

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First let me say I did not look at every reply in this thread. With that said I've just finished labeling my Christmas Ales for the 3rd year. This year I think I may have perfected it. I photocopy the labels at the local office supply store for $.49 per page on paper just shy of card stock. I cut out the labels and I place the labels on a large cutting board and spray them with warm water. This is absorbed by the paper and makes them flexible. I then mist them with a milk/flour solution and place them on the bottles. I wipe across the labels from the center of the label outward with a wet paper towel. Once I have it flat on the bottle I wipe off any milk that has oozed out during the process.

I used to dunk the labels in the milk/flour and let them sit until they got flexible. But that always made a mess on the bottles once they dried and it was tough to scrub off the dried milk. This left essentially no milk on the bottle and looks a lot better.

Here are some of this years batch.

Merry Christmas!

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