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LokiTrickmaster 09-28-2010 04:46 AM

Superheroes Brewery
Ever since I was in high-school, Superheroes Productions has been my pseudo- production company. When I took CAD, it was Superheroes Tools, and graphic design, Superheroes Media. So, Superheroes Brewery just came as a natural name. No logo for the brewery yet, but I made some random labels for my first few beers. Just started a Cider, so this might get interesting.
A Mexican style similar to Dos Equis but with some lemon flavor from pure lemon juice. Brewed for a friend as a graduation present.
My first brew. A beautiful Irish Stout. I like Rage Against the Machine.
A red ale that I had whole heartedly thought I screwed up. Bottled it anyway and had some friends do the first tasting with me. The loved it.
I discovered that super-yeast online and fermented a 20% alco-base. Then added the appropriate amount of lemonade concentrate. BAM, hard lemonade. This was fun at parties.
The best brew I ever made. Pure cherry juice and cocoa powder. Cherry and chocolate, double sexy.
My one attempt at a hoppy brew. It was a nice IPA, and hit pretty well, but didn't have much of an aftertaste, so I thought that was funky and named it one punch.

throwbookatface 09-28-2010 05:55 AM

Nice! One recommendation - it would be "Cerveza Diamante," not the other way around. Great job on these, though - the cherry chocolate stout sounds awesome!

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