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Sheep_Dog 11-01-2008 07:36 PM

Printing Clear Vinyl Labels at Home!
Any suggestions for printing clear vinyl labels at home? Can it be done, if so what do you use? Thanks!

KiltLifter 11-03-2008 01:53 PM

I've printed clear labels at home with some "clear sticker inkjet paper" from best buy. Not as crystal clear as I would like but looked nice. Not vinyl either, felt more like PET or something. When you say clear vinyl, I think of the static cling sticker that comes on your clock radio when you buy it (with the time printed on it) that protects the screen. THAT would be cool. I did buy some very thin clear vinyl from the fabric store that I use over the screen of my cell and GPS. Also stuck my parks pass windshield sticker to it so I can move it between cars! (cost me $.28 for a 6inch x 6foot chunk!)

Sheep_Dog 11-05-2008 08:03 PM

How does the clear sticker inkjet paper work for you? It to the bottles ok? No air bubbles?

KiltLifter 11-05-2008 08:50 PM

It was for a wedding present mead so there were only 3 and I put them on carefully. Doing 24 would be tedious keeping the bubbles out. Actually, I did pop one small bubble with a pin.

Timekiller 11-05-2008 10:16 PM

I have had success with waterslide decal paper. I used it on pint glasses too, but they only held up for a few washes on them.

No bubbles.

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