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ThatBreweryGame 03-12-2012 03:54 PM

A place to market test your labels
Market test your labels in the free online browser game thatbrewerygame.com... One of the design criteria for this new brewing game was to give the small brewer a place to test market their label designs in the real world for a fairly small commitment.

Upload your label designs, play the game by brewing a virtual beer associated with the label, and then monitor virtual sales. You can also go to the online pub and simply ask people what they think about your brewery name and logo, style name, and custom label and see whether they are inspired to drink it. Tweak your marketing materials and try again until the beer just flows off the shelves! Then go do it for real knowing beforehand what does and doesn't work. Test 1 label for free, its only $9 per year to test more than one. We also have a 3 for 2 grand opening special going on now.

Best of all, its fun to see what label styles other people are using and its fun to just brew beer and play!


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