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MBasile 11-20-2009 11:38 PM

Non-denominational Holiday Ale label

These are going out to 10 or so friends this holiday season. Most of them should understand the references :ban:

The ancient Roman thing is not made up, it's thought to be the reason behind the true celebration behind the Seinfeld usage. Also, I know I forgot a period.

BubbaK 11-21-2009 01:56 PM

Thats very creative..

farrout 11-22-2009 07:06 PM

HAHA, yes I love it!! And now for the airing of greivances.

MBasile 11-22-2009 07:07 PM


Originally Posted by farrout (Post 1694649)
HAHA, yes I love it!! And now for the airing of greivances.

It wont be done aging until right around Christmas time, so I may put on the bottom "Do not open until after the airing of grievances on December 23rd."

greencoat 11-22-2009 11:50 PM

Festivus for the rest of us!

CenCalWorthog 11-26-2009 05:31 AM

"As I rained blows upon him, I realized there had to be another way...
But out of that a new holiday was born: a Festivus for the rest of us!"

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