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LabRatBrewer 01-16-2012 10:09 PM

Gimp Help
I am struggling with Gimp (its very confusing to me). I've manged to get close to what I want. Now I need to get this image scaled just a little so that I can fit at least four to a page. Scaling and getting multiple copies of the same image seem to be beyond my skills. Any tips would be great. Here is the image I have so far (I hope):


LabRatBrewer 01-18-2012 10:17 PM

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I still have the same question as above, but I read the wiki and learned how to post the image so that it not a link:

brewhacker 01-18-2012 10:30 PM

The brute force method that I would try is to create a new blank image (File/New) and set the image size to 8.5" x 11". Then copy/paste your image 4 times. The scaling is to fairly straight forward by going to (Image/Scale).
Nice label by the way!

weirdboy 01-18-2012 10:31 PM

Do you have a windows machine? If so, might I suggest you check out Paint.NET? It is much easier to use than Gimp.

Rifester 01-18-2012 10:32 PM

Scaling the image in Gimp is pretty easy... When you have the image open you go to Image -> Scale Image -> and then select the desired size (print a couple of test copies). Let me know if you need more help.

LabRatBrewer 01-18-2012 11:03 PM

Thank you all for the tips. I will try them. I need to find a better font for the name of the beers to go with the yellow lettering. I want to keep the label the same but change the name for each brew. (I only bottle a couple for each batch). Gimp seems very powerful, but the learning curve is tough (for me at least). @brewhacker, setting the image size before I open my imagine might be what I was missing. I'll check out Paint.net as well.

Cheers and thanks.

Kaotica 01-18-2012 11:26 PM

There is a simple scale tool in Gimp that's easy to use. You can google or YouTube search stuff and find lots of Gimp how-to's.

When it is time to print, I save as a .jpg file, convert at 100%, and then drop the jpg into a word doc with the page in landscape. You can copy/paste and resize the image in Word so you can get 4 or 6 on a page. If you are worried about ink running, print a page and go to Kinkos or something and get good color laser copies.

Kaotica 01-18-2012 11:29 PM

Oh, for fonts there are tons you can download. And YouTube has some nice Gimp Font effects tutorials.

I made this in gimp in a couple hrs, including the Smiley Face from scratch, all using YouTube vids to learn.

LabRatBrewer 01-19-2012 12:30 AM

Thanks, I'll spend more time with the tutorials. I like the smiley face. Thanks for the landscape tip. Kinko's will be the printer.

Calichusetts 01-19-2012 10:44 AM

I would think about some font changing in that label as you suggest but its a great start...and resize in GIMP, not word. Word will not preserve the quality of your image...but you definitely want some idea of how many you can fit on a page and how you are doing it.

Best bet is already stated...size from the start, but resizing is not that hard.

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