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HellBentBrewCo 10-21-2011 01:23 AM

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Not to hijack but can I get some feedback on my logo?

Originally Posted by cimirie View Post
I'm in the marketing/sales consultation business. My wife is a graphic designer specializing in branding. So, it's a subject I'm involved with on a very regular basis.

From a color standpoint, you've chosen brown. Brown evokes feelings of stability and reliability and history. Not exactly bad feelings to stir up, but I would add another color element. Stability by itself is kind of boring.

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I think there's a bit too much empty white space inside the circle. Blank space isn't a bad thing and can be powerful. In this case, however, I would beef up the "s" somewhat.

That brings me to my last point. What is your logo trying to say? Or rather what are you trying to make your logo say? Every aspect of your logo should have meaning. Elements that are only present to look good or cool make a logo less effective. Make sure your elements work together. Your crooked "s" gives off the impression that your brand is unconventional - perhaps lots of rare or experimental beers. Yet your chosen color brown contradicts that notion.

Figure out what you want your brand to say and stand for, then use that to design your logo. A "cool" logo for the sake of being cool isn't typically something to shoot for. I'm not saying yours is that way. I'm just pointing out that a lot more goes into a successful logo than most people think. Good luck!

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