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D*Bo 08-03-2006 02:17 AM

Brewery names
After the brew name thread, I was wondering what others name their brewery after.

I had a roommate that named his hooch (distilled spirits) after the street we lived on...Long Cove Distiling, and another roommate, Long Cove Brewing.

I've named mine after the marsh/swamp (named after a lake) behind my house.

So what's yours?

AaronA 08-03-2006 02:38 AM

Bierstadt Brewing.....named after a lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.....and it also translates into "Beer City".


Pumbaa 08-03-2006 03:44 AM

St Fuad



seanhagerty 08-04-2006 12:01 AM

Sean's Brewery and House of Ill Repute

I dont really have a house of ill repute, but i like the idea of owning one some day...

Yooper 08-04-2006 02:28 AM

mine is boring, but has a meaning to me- Broken Leg Brewery.

I broke my leg playing hockey on March 16, and it still hasn't healed. I started a more "quiet hobby"- brewing. I have a new nickname, though- "Brewmistress". I would give any more details no matter how much you beg.....


Chairman Cheyco 08-04-2006 03:06 AM

Scratchy Wombat Teeth is an anagram of my name.

BrewProject 08-04-2006 03:14 AM

To the many annoying/nosey people i have meet in my life, how about:


however, it could have a double connotation. ;)

John Beere 08-04-2006 03:32 AM

Deep Six Brewing Co.
Deep Six Brewing Co.

We sort of went serious with our name, just in case we ever make it big time - heh. Plus its just sounds damn cool (to me anyway).

***EDIT*** - Wanted to update this post with a copy of our new brewery logo.

Exo 08-04-2006 05:42 AM


Originally Posted by Aaron
Bierstadt Brewing.....named after a lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.....and it also translates into "Beer City".


This lake? (and yes, that is my photo):

Maybe I'll name my brewery Sprague Brewing:

I've got different angles of Bierstadt Lake if you should need one for some reason...just PM me.

Klainmeister 08-04-2006 06:44 AM

Deep Six....is this a...you know....innuendo? :ban:

Anyways, currently i just use my initials (KSK) for my brew name plus the bavarian flag in the background for my bavarian heritage.

In the works of being copywritten is "Guilt Beer" which my father, myself, and another beer loving friend are eventually going to begin...like an actual brewpub restaraunt.

Do you have a Guilty Conscience? Need to make a Guilt trip? And perhaps a winery -- Guilty by association. Man, this is what happens when you study law.

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