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KegconnectionLLC 08-25-2012 02:35 PM

PERLICK 525 PARTS! Upgrade your old faucet
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We now carry the full line of parts for Perlick 525 Faucets. If you have one of the older faucets there are two parts that will greatly enhance it's performance. In many of the 525 faucets they came with a plastic bearing cup. We now have metal ones as replacements. Also, until fairly recently Perlick the faucet lever was rounded where it fit into the bearing cup. If you replace the faucet lever and the bearing cup with the new style it will lock the faucet lever into place and eliminate many of the issues people were having with the faucet handles turning. It also helps with issues some have had when using the larger, heavier handles. The bearing cup in part #6 below and the faucet lever is part #5 below. It is important that you replace both unless you already have the newer style of one of the parts.

If you have any questions concerning repairing or upgrading Perlick Faucets please feel free to ask them on this thread and I will do my best to answer your questions!

Here is a link to these parts on our website:

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