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Jaybird 05-27-2009 05:18 AM

California Brewing Company has a location!!!
Yes it's true 1101 parkview ave Redding California 96001 (pictures to follow)
Phone # 530 243 BEER (installed this Friday)
It's not what you think, We couldn't get the funding in these hard economic times for the brewery. So we went with "plan B" the LHBS. I think some of the best business in this nation were built on "plan B"! We always planed on a LHBS as 2nd phase of the business plan, we just put it first, and in time... it will fund the brewery!
We will open our doors 2nd weekend in June. We have been selling stuff to the local market for months now and are working on our site for everyone else in the world.
So for now I want to offer this to all of you.
all stainless 1/2" connections for your build. $3.00 ea, that includes
1/2 couplings
and close nipples

all for 3.00 ea
I have unions as well for $12
and T's for $3.75

To make the deal even sweeter any order over $50, shipping is on me. (lower 48 of course)
if you want to add grain or hops to the order I can do that. I have Amarillo whole hops for $30.00 a # (limited Qty) and cascade pellet for $27 a #. but the $50 free shipping is for hardware only and only for a limited time. If you want to add some hops or grain to a $50 hardware order I will still pick up the shipping. We will talk about the bulk grains at a later date.

Now is the time to upgrade your entire system w/ stainless.
I am going to loose my shirt on this. So please order a shirt as well. HBT deal... $15 for the shirt. I have mens black and white short sleeve and girls tanks go to Fresh Brewed Attitude to see the shirts it's the "beer Gear" page. These are not your cheap a$$ tees. These things kick a$$ and are heavy duty. Just like my false bottoms!

PM me with orders for now. If you need something let me know and I will see what I can do for you. I am set up w/ 10 vendors and I want to get you all the stuff you need, and get you a KILLER deal at the same time. Feel free to PM me w/ requests.
As always.....

HBRunner 05-27-2009 07:36 AM

Congrats on the new business!!! Hope it turns out great for ya!

TwoHeadsBrewing 05-27-2009 08:15 AM

Right on! Can't wait to come up and see the new store in action! Congratulations on the store, and good luck with business. And you are totally right about successful businesses being built on their Plan B. Back in the day, Ken Grossman started the Home Brew Shop in Chico a couple of years before starting up Sierra Nevada.

Displaced MassHole 05-27-2009 02:10 PM

Freaken awesome Jay!!!

I'll be needing a few ins and outs here in a little bit, I'll def through my order your way!

Congrats on making your plan a reality! If I'm ever in the area I'll swing through :mug:

caspio 05-27-2009 03:39 PM

Congrats again man. Had fun checking out the space a couple weeks ago. Was also cool to meet all the SSOB's. Hopefully next time I make it up you'll have all the stock in and I can waste my $$ on something. Maybe plate chillers or 1/2" id counterflows on sale? ;)

Marquez 05-27-2009 04:48 PM

Congrats on your venture, I am sure many of us would love to be in your shoes!

I'll be ordering soon, at the moment can't decide what though!


Jaybird 05-27-2009 08:00 PM

Thanks for the shout out guys. I am crazy busy putting this together. Loads of work is going into the store and a lot of thought on what to buy to stock it. I have had great ideas come in via PM as well, thanks for the great ideas. We are painting tomorrow and installing all the shelving also. All the while shipping stainless stuff like crazy. Thanks for all the orders on those so far. and Yes Photohand it's a limited time and an HBT only sale, on all the stainless 90's, couplings, grain, hops and such.

McKBrew 05-27-2009 08:04 PM

Cool, congrats on the new business.

olllllo 05-27-2009 08:18 PM

Let me be the first to say:

California Brewing Company screwed up my order!
Do not buy from California Brewing Company.

j/k man. It's good to get that first complainer out of your way.

McKBrew 05-27-2009 08:21 PM


Originally Posted by olllllo (Post 1348098)
Let me be the first to say:

California Brewing Company screwed up my order!
Do not buy from California Brewing Company.

What an asshat!:D

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