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karbinator 02-03-2008 01:36 AM

Will LME give a different OG?
Noob question, so please bare with me.:cross:

I made a Muntons Barely wine today from their
extract can, and the directions were seriously vague.
A sidenote * said I could replace the 2.2lbs of sugar
required with Sprayed light Malt of equal amounts "for
more beer body", so I chose that route.

OG range was to be .060 - .064
My og = .054 @ 78 deg (not sure if this temp changes the gravity reading)

I could not figure out what happened, but it was in the
carboy, and getting near pitching temp by the time I realized
this OG problem.
I can only figure the different sugar altered the
gravity reading, or I measured wrong on the water, and went over.
At any rate, I pitched the yeast, and air locked it.

Directions say the final gravity will be .008

Question is:
Is there a method to bump up the gravity now that
the yeast have been pitched, or do I leave it be, and
deal with the mistake?

Any help is greatly appreciated?

Thanks in advance.


InkPouchMan 02-03-2008 01:50 AM


You can use the above link to correct the hydro reading for temperature. If your hydro is calibrated to 60F, your real OG is 1.056. If you didn't stir well before reading it, you may have gotten a lower reading since the denser liquid tends toward the bottom.

I'm not quite sure about the sugar vs. extract question, except that sprayed malt extract is actually DME, so using LME in its place will reduce gravity.

And as I'm a n00b also, I can't think of anything you can do to fix it. Hopefully someone else can help. Good luck!

Got Trub? 02-03-2008 04:14 AM

How much malt extract did you replace the sugar with?

If you swap 2.2lbs of sugar with 2.2lbs of liquid malt extract you won't get the same gravity points. Cane sugar will give you about 46 points per pound, LME 37.


david_42 02-03-2008 01:26 PM

A pound of dry malt extract will bring the gravity up 8-9 points. Dissolve it in boiling water, cool & add.

karbinator 02-03-2008 06:49 PM

You guys are very helpful, really !!
The yeast has started heavy, but I'm
going to add the extra pound of spray malt
tomorrow after cool down, and see how it goes.

Much appreciated,

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