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aogg 01-28-2013 10:49 AM

What is clear?
So I did my first all grain beer yesterday. This may need to go in the all grain forum, my apologies. My question is what is clear when it comes to sparging. My mash tun is a 5 gallon round cooler. I had about 10# of grain, vienna and white wheat and 1/2 pound rice hulls. I rinsed the rice hulls prior to adding the wheat and vienna. I read that should be done somewhere but I can't remember where. 30 minute protein rest per the recipe and 120 min mash per the recipe. The mash time seemed long but I was following the recipe. When I started to sparge I drained off and recirculated about 3 gallons of wort from the mash tun to get it to run clear but it was still cloudy. Reading about batch sparging led me to believe that I should have clear liquid flowing from the tun when I started to collect wort for the boil. Does clear mean no large grain particles or like crystal clear? The wort I boiled was cloudy but there were no visible hulls or anything like that in it. I missed my og by about 10pts and got about 65% efficiency. I chalked that up to being my first all grain batch and wasn't too worried about that part. Sorry if its a TL;DR.

stpug 01-28-2013 02:04 PM

Clear means no grain particles, however some folks can actually achieve glassy-clear flows. The glassy-clear flow are not necessary; you just don't want a lot of grain matter going into your BK and boiling for 60+ minutes. My first time doing AG was the same - I recirculated about 4 gallons trying to get glassy-clear, which I never achieved. It wasn't until afterwards that I found that 'clear' simply means no grain particles.

I will say that when the grain particles stop coming through your filtering system that the wort does seem to 'clear' up a bit.

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