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yeoldebrewer 10-29-2008 05:04 AM

Whaddya do if
This question has probably been asked here before.

So if you are racking from primary to a secondary carboy and find there is not enough beer to fill near the top, what next? Should you make up the difference with sterilized water or a boiled DME and water extract? Or just leave it alone?

I haven't racked yet--just thinking 'what if.'

BigKahuna 10-29-2008 05:14 AM

Mostly...Leave it alone. your beer will off gas enough to protect itself.
This is however, one reason I don't rack to secondary for most of my beer.

schweaty 10-29-2008 05:14 AM

Leave it alone. Some headspace won't hurt your beer one bit.

yeoldebrewer 10-29-2008 06:28 AM

Thanks again!

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