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skippy 01-09-2007 10:27 PM

Time to bottle
I think I'm ready to bottle my first batch. 1st question, once I santitize the bottles, what would be the maximum amount of time I would let them sit before actually pouring the brew into them and capping? Can they sit for min., hrs, or days?

Other question, if I should pour the brew in immediately, do the bottles need to be completely dry, which could take hrs., or are some drops of sanitation liquid left in the bottle ok to mix with the beer?

olllllo 01-09-2007 10:35 PM

Check to see if your sanitizer is "no rinse" (it should be). If it is then it literally means exactly THAT and you don't have to wait until they are dry. If used in the labeled concentration, it will be tastless and odorless with respect to your finished product.

Time between sanitation and bottling vs infection risk should be look at as a probability curve. You should be fine if minutes, don't panic.

Even after hours you could be OK, but why would that happen?

Do a search for any post by bobby_M and check out his signature. He has a very informative video, that will be very helpful.

trinitone 01-09-2007 10:36 PM

The less time the better. I wouldn't leave them for days, but a few hours should be ok.

Depends on what you're sanitizing with. If it is a no rinse sanitizer, then a couple of drops shouldn't hurt the beer.

Damn... olllllo beat me to it.

skippy 01-09-2007 10:41 PM

Beautiful, thats what I was looking for.

lostnfoam 01-10-2007 12:14 AM

i try to do it all in one night. its a tall order and alot of work but i rather clean everything once then then over and over. i bring the carboy out of the closet the night before and move it to the bottleing location. i do it the night before judt in case i stir up the trub it gives it some time to settle down. well then i make my solution start soaking the bottles and then well all is good its bottleing time:mug:

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