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RedHeadBrew25 05-13-2010 01:10 AM

St. Petersburg Clone Recipe Help
Hey all,
I need your help once again in my attempt to clone the Thornbridge Hall Country House Brewing Company's St. Petersburg Imperial Stout. I had it on cask the other night and it was...woah. :rockin:

But since it is impossible to find State-side, I emailed the brewery asking for assistance and below is their response. Have to say I was not expecting to recieve the wealth of information I did. Now I need your help to convert this into a 5 gal extract recipe. Thanks for the help in advance:

"For Saint Petersburg, here is the recipe...

83% Maris Otter Pale Ale malt
6% Torrefied Wheat
3.6% Chocolate malt
2.9% Roasted Barley
2.9% Dark Crystal (240 EBC) malt
1.6% Peated malt (if you can't get this, try smoked malt)

Also, if you calculate 2% of your total grist weight, we add this amount of Dark Muscovado sugar.

Regarding water chemistry, because I'm unsure of your brewing liquor, I'd recommend going for a good stout/porter style water composition. We use calcium sulfate, calcium chloride and sodium bicarbonate for this brew.

The OG to aim for is 1072.4 and the FG is around 1013.5 to give 7.7% AbV.

Hop wise, for bittering we use Galena and Perle at flame out, we use Hallertau Magnum, Vanguard and Sorachi Ace as aroma hops. We aim for around 58-60 IBU for this beer. We tend to add around 1/3 of our hops as a first addition and the other 2/3 as the final aroma addition. In terms of percentages as a total weight of all of the hops used...

Galena (13.8% alpha) - 28%
Perle (8.1% alpha) - 8%

Magnum (15.7% alpha) - 28%
Vanguard (5.8% alpha) - 28%
Sorachi (12.2% alpha) - 8%"

JKaranka 01-11-2013 10:42 PM

Oh my, big heads up for Thornbridge, I had St Petersburg in bottle today and first thing coming back home was to search for a clone... cracking brewery...

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