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xbabyboy4021x 01-03-2009 07:42 PM

should i do a late addition?
ive got the water just about boiling for my 4th batch it a brewers best american cream ale. the kit includes 3.3lbs muntons plain light malt extract, 2lbs plain light dry malt extract, 1 1/2oz vanguard bittering hops and 1/2 oz vanguard finishing hops. do u think it would benefit from a late addition of any of theese ingredients? i tried a late addition with my weizenbier kit that was just 6.6lbs LME and ended up getting a lower OG reading than the kit called for, should i just add all the ingredients at the beginning of the boil or should i do a late addition?

HOOTER 01-03-2009 07:48 PM

A cream ale should be very light in color. I would add the 2 lb. bag of DME at the beginning of the boil and add the can of LME in the last 10 minutes. Make sure to remove the pot from the heat when adding the LME to avoid scorching. This should not affect your gravity at all.

Nurmey 01-03-2009 08:13 PM

Do as HOOTER suggests, it will be good. Late addition will not effect your gravity.

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