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Verio 01-14-2011 01:22 PM

Shipping Bottles
I would like to ship some bottles to a few friends. What is the best method for this? I was thinking USPS flat rate boxes with popcorn?

JasonInBTR 01-14-2011 01:35 PM

Stick each one in a gallon ziplock and wrap generously with bubble wrap then stick it in a box with peanuts/newspaper/etc.


Malticulous 01-14-2011 01:49 PM

You should use UPS or fedex. USPS is illegal. Make sure the box has plenty of impact zone and the bottles can't rattle. I line the box with a trash bag and then double box it. As log as you can drop it and kick it out the door without breaking anything it should be fine.

ETCS 01-14-2011 02:07 PM

I was just at the UPS store the other day to mail a 6 pack to my brother. They told me that they don't ask what you are shipping, just the value of the contents. I told them what I was shipping anyway and all they told me is that if the bottles break in shipping and happen to damage another package, I could be liable for the damage to any other packages. Mailed them anyway, haven’t heard anything, so they must have been fine.

smizak 01-14-2011 02:27 PM

It all depends on who's working that day. UPS's policy only mentions shipping wine, if you are licensed to do so. No mention of beer is made. I've had a UPS store flat out refuse me service because I was shipping beer to a competition. I emailed Gary Glass at the AHA to ask him if they ever considered contacting UPS to change their policy for allowing beer shipping for competition. He said they have, but the volume of beer shipped for that purpose is too low for them to care enough to change.

AirRageous 01-14-2011 03:24 PM

Since the US military is no longer using it, we should adopt the rule, "Don't ask -- Don't tell".

Just make sure you package them well as described above and send them on their merry way.

storunner13 01-14-2011 04:35 PM

And if they do ask. Tell them you're sending a yeast culture in a liquid.

poley 01-14-2011 05:01 PM

This is a great blog post about it (not my site).


Stimulus 01-14-2011 06:49 PM


Originally Posted by storunner13 (Post 2551462)
And if they do ask. Tell them you're sending a yeast culture in a liquid.

I'm so using that from now on!!!

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