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Squizz 02-07-2006 12:47 PM

Sediment in bottles
Hi there - basically I've made a lager from a kit, but not sure if my filter has worked properly when I've syphoned the lager into bottles as there is a sediment at the bottom of the bottles.

Is there any way to render the lager drinkable per chance?

Rhoobarb 02-07-2006 01:48 PM

That's called bottle-conditioning and you want that layer there! Otherwise, your beer probably wouldn't carbonate. After it has matured, just decant it into a glass and drink.

Take a look here!

Squizz 02-07-2006 02:09 PM

Ah - thanks for that...

The lager is quite cloudy, so I thought that it could have been something to do with the dead yeast or something - but apparantly thats quite normal and drinkable isnt it?

casebrew 02-07-2006 07:42 PM

Squizz, the common procedure is to leave beer in the primary fermenter for one week, then transfer into a secondary fermenter for 2 weeks, then into bottles for 3 weeks before drinking. The 'secondary' doesn't do as much fermenting as it does settling, just letting most of the yeast and any left over hops, etc, settle to the bottom. Then, the residual yeast in the bottles ferment the 'priming sugar' and makes a little bit more sediment. Most noobies want to drink there first batch in a week, while still cloudy. RDWHHB- Relax, Don't Worry, Have a Home Brew, start another batch while this vintage ages- they all get better after a couple weeks.

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