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Recusit8m 07-29-2009 08:50 PM

Pumpkin Maple Porter for a Newb
Hi again all...As I was sitting here post mowing the lawn in the incessant 90 degree heat I found myself dreaming of fall/winter in my home state of Vermont in Fall/Winter (unfortunatley live in Indiana now, thanks to my wife lol) and was wondering if I could brew a nice extract/partial mash Pumpkin/Maple Porter/Stout for the upcoming months...Anyone have any ideas or recipes that they have tried and came out well? Let me know...Thanks again...Jay

Poindexter 07-30-2009 02:02 AM

Maple is, unfortuantely, a bit of a waste. You can spend the dough on it, but it wil ferment away to WTF in a porter.

Pumpkin is a puzzle. You can certainly get fermentable sugars out of it. If you want "pumpkin flavor" the general concensus is to use a 1/4to 1/2 tsp off allspice of pumpkin pie spice in a five gallon batch. Some brewers report "pumpkiny flavor" by using sweet potatoes instead of, or with som, pumpkin.

Lots and lots of recipes for pumpkin in the database. Several sections. Having played with it I strongly encourage 3gal test batches and keep your expectations low. Do you really want five gallons of liquid pumpkin pie cluttering up your closet?

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