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DoubleAught 07-31-2012 02:49 AM

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Originally Posted by mattd2

Did it actually fix the problem or did it just hide it since the pressure could no longer "get" to the gauge?
Sounds like the beer might be overcarb'd and off gassing the extra CO2 that won't stay in solution at the lower pressure. It is weird that it is getting back up to 30 PSI though. Just thinking about it I based the above on the fact that bottle was turned off, but there would still be a bit of high pressure CO2 in the HP side of the reg that could bump it back up.

Can you try (to eliminate or confirm the leaking reg) now that the keg is purged, turn the bottle off and drop the pressure in the IPA keg to 0 PSI. Both the LP gauge and HP gaige should be reading 0 PSI now. Check to see if the LP gauge rises.
If it does your beer is overcarb'd and off gassing,
If it doesn't you regulator is sticking and slowly letting CO2 past.
This is what I use. The left regulator is the IPA, the keg is purged and the reg valve is off, and you can see it is already to 10 after 30 mins or so.

Im going to try you advice and I close the co2 tank valve, and purge the keg. Which gauge is the HP and LP?

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