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ericerler 08-15-2012 03:01 AM

Polyclar too early?
I got a little overzealous (I think) and may have added polyclar too early/unneccesarily.

I brewed an Apple Ale and an Oktoberfest about a week and a half ago. Today, both were at 1.020 and hadn't moved in a few days so I racked to a secondary and added about 1/4oz of polyclar as per the bottle instructions. The Apple Ale has been sitting at about 68*F and the Oktoberfest at about 65*F (I originally had the Oktoberfest at about 56*F but it didn't seem to be doing anything). The Apple Ale started at around 1.072 but that's because it was only 4 gallons which was 5 gallons a few days later when I added a gallon of apple cider. The Oktoberfest started at 1.054.

I was thinking that I'd leave the Apple for about another week, then rack it into a keg, force carbonate, and let it sit for a few weeks to a month. The Oktoberfest I was going to begin lowering 2* per day until I reached 38*, then let it sit in the secondary for about 3 more weeks before racking it into a keg, force carbonating, and letting it sit for another week or two.

I guess my main concerns are:
1. My current gravity seems too high at 1.020
2. I added the polyclar at the wrong time/incorrectly.

So my questions are:
a. Did I screw this up?
b. What should I have done?
c. What should I do now?


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