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nandemo1 10-19-2011 11:30 PM

Pilsen (Extra Light) Extract vs Golden (Light) Extract
Outside of the lighter color and additional fermentability of Pilsen malt over Golden, is there much of a difference between the two? i'm especially interested in whether there is a noticable flavor difference and whether the Pilsen extract needs an extra long boil due to the risk of DMS.

i'm putting together recipes for an RIS and an ESB, both English styles, and would have gone with the 2row dominant Golden LME but for AHS only selling Extra Light LME. if it's only going to be noticeable in lightly colored malt centric brews, then I'll go that route.

Rev2010 10-20-2011 12:40 AM

From what I can see Briess' data sheets all list 75% fermentability for all their extracts:


Beersmith also seems to have the same data as when I input the same volume for their varying extracts the same OG and estimated ABV's are listed.

I've been a bit curious as well as both are rather close. I would think the Golden Light would be a little maltier in taste. I've used Golden Light in my hefe's and seem to prefer it a bit more than Pilsen DME, just feels there's a bit more there flavor wise.


PT Ray 10-20-2011 12:53 AM

You don't have to boil Pilsen extract to drive off DMS.

I use Pilsen extract in place of Pilsner malt but it's so light you can safely use it in anything. Ideally if you're looking to use an extract in place of 2- row malt, go with a light or pale. If you want English, go with Muntons or John Bull.

unionrdr 10-20-2011 01:52 PM

I love The Munton's plain DME's. For most of my pale ales,EB's,& the like,I use Munton's plain light DME with Cooper's LME cans. Half a 3lb bag of Munton's plain DME for hop additions,then the remaining DME & all the LME. Top off in FV. My wife brewed our 1st attempt at a Sam Adam's Summer ale clone yesterday afternoon. She used 1 can of Cooper's OS lager,since from experience,it's light colored,has a light malt forward profile,& needed some late hops.
So the recipe I came up with used 1lb of Munton's plain light DME, 1lb Munton's plain wheat DME in the 2.5G boil in her 4G SS BK. The 4G BK on a small electric stove burner worked way better than my wide track 5G SS BK. She did 20 min late hop additions with 1oz US Golding @ 20,1oz Willamette @ 12mins.
Added remaining DME,then off the heat for the addition of the Cooper's OS lager LME can. Ice bath down to 72F while yeast re-hydrated in 1.5C boiled cooled water with 2tsp dextrose.
Imo,using DME with pre-hopped (bittering only,or very little aroma/flavor additions) LME & aroma/flavor hop additions can make some pretty darn good beers. This after using Cooper's brewing sugar,etc. They're fine if used correctly. I just found so many ways to recombine DME's & LME's that sugar in the wort isn't really needed. Priming sugars are great fun to experiment with. This time,we've decided to try priming solution flavor additions as well. We went over many ways that folks tried to add the lemon flavor to SA SA clones. We think we have a solution. Just thought my examples might help understanding these things a little more.

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