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darrenbrews 11-28-2012 01:16 AM

Pic of My First Brew with Questions
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Hey all, my first brew is a Pale Ale kit. It was very cloudy last Sunday but has cleared up quite a bit since then. IMO it tastes pretty good for my first attempt. How does it look, it looks clear to me but how clear should it be?

A mistake I made is that there appeared to be little fermentation activity at the end of the first week so I repitched it at seven days. After doing more research I realized this might have been a mistake. The beer has a definite yeast smell, which I kind of like, but could this smell be due to the repitch or is it normal and will it go away? And does repitching like that affect the taste much?

Also how long can I allow the beer in the primary? I plan to bottle this Friday which will be 19 days. I figured this extra time would allow it to clear up and settle.

And after I bottle how soon is it ready to drink? Should I allow it to condition in the bottles for two more weeks according to directions, or could it be ready before that time?

Darren Z

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