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cgherrington3 08-09-2012 07:29 PM

Open Fermenter to Air lock after 4 days? Need Help
Hey Team,

My son and I brewed up a scotch ale 4 day ago. Put it in a 6.5 gal ale pale with a starter and it took off :ban:

Anyway, the Ale Pale is a POS and the lid doesn't seal. So I just been running open primary for a week and racking to a keg after a week on smaller beers,

This is my first big beer, so I want to leave in the cake longer.

Now that the majore explosive period is over. I want to get it under an airlock.

Long story short, here's my question:

Should I transfer it cake and all to the 5 gal air lock bucket?

Or Should I just rack it over like a secondary? And leave the cake behind.

I've got CO2 for the transfer.


tre9er 08-09-2012 07:32 PM

WHat's the gravity? If it's attenuated, transfer as in to secondary, leave cake, all is well. If it's not at stable FG, I'd find a way to further seal it up as it is or transfer the whole thing, cake and all, to the other bucket.

When you say open primary, you mean wide open bucket or just that the lid doesn't seal well?

Seanwallner 08-09-2012 07:40 PM

You need to check your finished gravity with a hydrometer. If its finished where you want it rack away. I stopped doing secondaries a year ago. I just leave it in the primary for 2 -3 weeks, but if your concerned with infection go ahead if youve reached final gravity. Ifnot you could transfer everything cake and all but you opening up alot of oppurtunity for infection IMO. If it were me Id just leave it alone for another 4 or 5 days. But thats me

kh54s10 08-09-2012 07:42 PM

The lid not sealing is not really a problem. As long as the beer is covered it will be fine.

For this one, assuming it is a high gravity recipe, I would wait for final gravity and then rack to secondary leaving the cake behind and age it for a month and a half or 2 months.

Get a new lid, bucket or both. In the mean time a wrap of Saran Wrap around the lid might help the seal.

unionrdr 08-09-2012 07:49 PM

Does the lid on this bucket have an "O" ring seal? One of mine doesn't. I also have a Cooper's micro brew Fv. I took an exacto knife to both of them,triming off the molding flash that I found around the seal areas of the plastic FV's (around the rim &/or threads). They now seal way better & the airlock works.

cgherrington3 08-09-2012 08:03 PM

Open bucket with fine mesh stainless cover. (it's a Ikea grease screen for on top of a frying pan) sanitised.

I worked on that damn ale pale for 2 hours trying to get the lide to seal. It ain't going the happen the rim holding the lid goes like this \ / not like this / \ nothing for the rim to grab Epic POS

Sorry I'm not an gravity measuring kind of guy. I have on brand new in my brew box. Never used it. I know it's shamefull. I need to step up my science game when I go AG.

Actully I'm hoping it hasn't reached FG yet as I have decided to rack it over cake and all to a good sealable bucket and let 'er ride for a month or 2.

Should be good for Christmas. Yummy.

Thanks for the fast responses. Cheers!!!

cgherrington3 08-10-2012 12:58 AM

Update: Racked it to the 5 gal, found a dead bug in it. He was more drunk than I am now, which is saying a lot.

Nottingham is still working this beast. Even @ 4 days tastes great. Son says it tastes like a shot.

Thanks for all you help. Go team HBT.

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