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blackbear219 06-20-2012 05:45 PM

One year later
Hi all,

I wanted to come here and show my appreciation for this site and it's community. When I first started brewing as a "full time hobby" about a year ago this site was invaluable to me. I had A LOT of questions and I only needed one place to find the answer, this site.

If I couldn't find the answer, I'd post my own thread and get great help from the community. It is hard to imagine starting out brewing without this incredible resource.

Fast forward to today. I have brewed 36 5-gallon batches. 4 are fermenting now. 3 were bottled. 29 were kegged. I threw out the secondary and leave my beers in primary until a keg is ready which is usually 6-8 weeks. I used to check on my beers ALL THE TIME and rush them, so I drank some greeeeeen beer. Now i brew it and completely forget it is there until it is ready to keg and that patience pays off in spades. Even though I have a couple spare kegs I could fill, I just wait until one is available and feel that my beer has definitely benefited from the "loooong primary, no secondary" method.

I built a 3 tap keezer out of the Holiday chest freezer, which has been absolutely amazing. I enjoy maintaining it, filling it and drinking from it. My wife loves it when I out EdWorts apfelwein in it. My friends are impressed and jealous of it.

Although I have not visited the site much lately, I still enjoy checking in from time to time. One year later, I just wanted to say thanks to the admins and members of this site for providing and fleshing out such an awesome brewing resource and community. Keep it up, enjoy and RDWHAHB!!!

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