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BlackBearForge 03-27-2011 09:20 PM

Off flavors and warming
I'm still trying to figure out the source/classification of some odd flavors in my beer. If you had to rule out or focus on some classes of off-flavors which would you not worry about/worry about if the off flavor disappears as the beer warms up?

My IPA tasted great shortly after bottling when tasted to check carbonation (two - three weeks) but developed interesting/off flavors ranging from odd spiciness to vague melon-like flavors as it was in the bottle longer. (It also has been improving after much much longer in the bottle as well.) This IPA has been in the bottle nearly six months and the flavor is most noticeable when cold from the fridge but evens out and practically disappears as it warms to ideal drinking temps. It was partial boil with extract with grains, the yeast was US-05) and was fermented at 65-68 degrees F.

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