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FifteenTen 06-29-2011 11:41 PM

Noobs Pointless Post #3.
For half the morning and most of the afternoon, I de-labeled, washed, sanitized, filled, capped and stored 89 bottles of beer. I hope those of you who keg your beer can contain your envy. What with your ability to keg 10 gallons of beer in a few hours, including prep and clean up. I mean I got to spend the majority of an entire day being a “brewer.”
You keggers are also denied the minimum conditioning period with your practically instant gratification of force carbing. You get no sense of anticipation. You don’t know what it’s like to chill one beer at day 14 knowing it’s not ready and then opening to discover, it’s not ready. Then chilling one beer on day 20, opening it to find that its good and wishing you had put 12 in the refrigerator on day 20. Delayed gratification, it’s a human thing, you wouldn’t understand.
When you keggers decide to return to grass roots bottling, just let me know. I have an address to which you can ship your corneys, CO2 bottles and regs for “recycling”. You might as well send your keezer too.

jaycount 06-29-2011 11:47 PM


I feel your pain brotha. I'm fixing to buy a keg kit though ;)

Clann 06-29-2011 11:50 PM

Ha Ha Thats a very positive outlook.:mug:

Keep up the good work and mabye some day the keggers will see the err of their ways and send you their kegging equipment:D

Reno_eNVy 06-29-2011 11:52 PM

I feel for you, man. Just save your pennies and pray to the Beer Gods for good blessings. I got a kegerator set-up for free (someone was going to throw it away to make moving easier for them) including a 20# CO2 tank. Thankfully I had been saving for a corny keg and regulator. Then a few months later I got a free chest freezer to convert into a fermentation chamber. But this is after doing it poor college-student ghetto-ass style for 3 years first.

I know it seems tedious now but good things come to brewers who are patient and appease the Beer Gods.

BrewForMe 06-30-2011 12:09 AM

its reasons like this that keeps me bottling, and the fact i cant afford a kegging system atm.:cross:

superjunior 06-30-2011 12:13 AM

when I use to bottle (and sometimes still do) I use 22 ozers. makes bottling much quicker.

Shaneoco1981 06-30-2011 12:16 AM

Don't be to jealous guys, but I get to bottle 25 gallons of beer next week sometime. I have to have it bottle conditioned by the 23rd of July for my sister's wedding. It's not to bad though. I am going to have 3 other people helping me, and I made my sister clean and de-label all the bottles.

Shaneoco1981 06-30-2011 12:17 AM


Originally Posted by superjunior (Post 3047694)
when I use to bottle (and sometimes still do) I use 22 ozers. makes bottling much quicker.

22 bombers are expensive if you don't have em.

Ottis 06-30-2011 12:32 AM

I was rinsing out some bottles today, using my jet bottle washer prior to the de-labeling soak. Some were returns from friends with a little liquid in the bottom, some were still labeled.

I upended one over my sink/ washer only to find it about a quarter full of old tobacco spit. :eek: talk about stink!

I keep a short garden hose hooked up under my sink and washed everything down real good, at least I was in my brew room and not the kitchen...

threw that bottle away... (Waaaay away..)

Oh the joys of bottling!:rolleyes:

scotched 06-30-2011 12:37 AM

89 bottles of beer! :o Might as well make it 99.

Did you know that buying a keg has been show to reduce keg envy?

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