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Marko1983 05-10-2011 03:32 AM

No gas release
I brewed a scottish ale this weekend and everything went great...but I have yet to see any gas release. A friend of mine brewed the same day with an Irish yeast and his hasn't stopped bubbling since it started...over 24 hours ago. I used a scottish yeast and have an active beer...constantly "moving" with a couple inches of krausen, but why no bubbling? Any thoughts?

reim0027 05-10-2011 03:36 AM

Where's Revvy?? LOL. j/k

Bubbling or lack of bubbling means nothing. It is purely a form of entertainment. A small leak and you won't see any bubbling.

The only way you will know if you are fermenting is to take a hydrometer reading.

pineyguy 05-10-2011 03:38 AM

My guess would be that there has to be a leak somewhere letting the CO2 escape, bypassing the airlock. If you're using a bucket, it's probably the lid gasket. You said you can see the brew, so I assume you're using a carboy. Maybe there is a small gap between the bung and the neck or the airlock and the bung. Maybe try spritzing the outside of those areas with a weak soap/water solution and look for bubbles, or try reseating everything.

joetothemo 05-10-2011 04:08 AM


Just kidding!!!!!!

But, airlock activity is not a real indication of fermentation. I have a bucket/lid combo that bubbles slowly for 8-10 days on a good ferment. I have another that bubbles for 2 days and stops abruptly.

If you are really concerned, take a gravity sample and see if there is progress (or krausen for that matter.)

EDIT: I just re-read and saw that you are seeing the yeast getting sexy and the krausen forming. You're golden...chill!

Most importantly, RDWHAHB and let the yeasties do their jobs.

Cheers :mug:

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