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deranged_hermit 03-19-2006 11:20 PM

need some quick guidance for the Imperial Hellfire Ale...
Hey all, my ingredients came in today for the posted Imperial Hellfire 06.06.06 Ale. I have a few questions before i brew.

First of all... i got the ingredients for an extract recipe. it called for 5lbs of light DME. for all the extract kits that i have bought and made so far, they all used liquid extract. do i use the DME the same way as the liquid? just add it to the wort after the grain has steeped, and the boild with the hops for an hour?

secondly... how much water should i use in the initial boil? 2.5 like most other recipies?

lastly... how long do i steep the grains? should i just add all the grains to one big muslin bag and let them steep for 45 mins? 1 hr? there are like 7 different grains, so is it okay for me to just throw them in one big grain back and call it good?

thanks for any input. i'm hoping this is in the correct forum for me to get some answers.

Dude 03-19-2006 11:57 PM

1. Yep, use DME the same way. Pour slowly and stir as you go.

2. 2.5 gallons sounds good, but remember the more you can boil the better the finished product will be.

3. I'd steep them for about 30 minutes, get as much sugar and flavor from them as you can. You may want to even add some of the DME to the steeping water to ensure you get conversion from the malts that need it to extract sugars. Throw them all together!


budbo 03-20-2006 12:14 AM

I just dump the DME in, it will clump up into a big wad, then stir the clump till it dissolves.... You might try starting with 2.5 gal, (the DME will kick it to around 3) I usually keep it at 3 gallons adding more water at hop time if needed to keep the volume up.

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