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Snpr520 04-13-2011 03:02 AM

Need Help with my Belgian (Candy sugar)
So Im brewing a Belgain Wheat. I have already finished the brewing process 3 days ago without adding the candy sugar. I was planning on boiling the rocks down and dumping it into the primary tomorrow.

The Beer is projected OF 1.062 and FG 1.011 final ABV of 6.8

I have been playing with my recipe website and noticed adding the candy does not increase the ABV which Im not sure why. Is it because my yeast has a ceiling??

Also would adding 1lb of the sugar cause any off flavors if its not being fermented by the yeast?

Then Im adding 2oz of extract into the secondary and 4oz of bottling sugar. Would this cause exploding bottles given I have unfermented candy sugar in the beer?

Thanks for any feedback. Im a new brewer and need any info you all can provide.

PT Ray 04-13-2011 03:20 AM

Belgian Wits/Wheats aren't normally a beer that uses sugar. If you already purchased it, save it.

If you really want to add it just add it to about a quart of boiling water until dissolved. Then add to the primary or secondary. It will ferment out within a couple days or so.

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