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bluestreakm3 10-07-2008 10:32 PM

need advice on 90min dogfish clone
we plan to rack our 90 min dogfish clone to secondary on sat. (2 weeks in primary) i have searched for posts on a 90 min ipa and come up with nothing. so here are my questions.....

1. how long in the secondary? i've read all about the bulk aging debate, but any "real life" experiences with a beer like this would really help me set a min and max.

2. when to dry hop? Mr. Papazian says about a week before bottling, but i've heard that some do it right when they rack it to the secondary.

3. how long in bottles? does timing change with a beer that has a higher OG?

basic brew info:
- 4 gal boil
- diluted up to 5 gal in primary
- OG 1.082 (which i think is falsely low due to inadequate mixing between dilution and pulling off a test sample)
- white labs british ale yeast wlp005

let me know if there's any more info you need. any responses to the questions above will be greatly appreciated and feel free to throw in any other helpful advice as well. thank you!

GLWIII 10-07-2008 11:06 PM

I recently made a 90 min clone and it came out great. Righteous even. This has been my best effort yet. So, with regard to your questions I offer this:

1. I left mine in 9 days.

2. I hopped it immediately and left it in the secondary for 11 days.

3. This is one that was not near ready at three weeks. In fact, I didn't get a really good bottle until almost 8 weeks. This is one where patience is key. The longer the better. At least in my experience.

By the way, can you post your recipe? I would like to compare to mine, which was plastered all over the internet by the way. Good luck.

bluestreakm3 10-08-2008 12:05 AM

10 lbs pale lme
1.25 lbs pilsner lme
1.75 lbs 40l crystal malt (steep)
.22oz amarillo, .06oz nugget and simcoe
(:90) (:83) (:75) (:68) (:60) (:53) (:45) (:38) (:30) (:23) (:15) (:07)
1oz amarillo (dry hop)
.5oz nugget, simcoe (dry hop)
wlp 005 british ale yeast

OG - 1.101
ibu's - 60.3
color- 30 srm
10.08% abv

that is copied straight from the kit, which was the bobblehead 90 min IPA from homebrew usa.

thanks GLWIII. i can't wait to try this brew! i'll probably go 14 days in secondary just cuz it works well with my every other weekend off schedule. how much/what primer did you use? anyone with software wanna plug that in and see if my 5oz of corn sugar that came with the kit is going to be adequate?

GLWIII 10-08-2008 12:50 AM

I went with 3/4 cup Corn sugar - pretty much standard fare for a 5 gal batch.

Mind if I ask where you got your kit from?

Also, let us know how it all turns out.

bluestreakm3 10-08-2008 01:01 AM


i don't think they don't have it listed on the website, but the store is minutes from my house. the people that run the store are awesome and i'm sure they would take a special request. they also said they have put together a 120min. that's definitely in the list of future brews at our house. the dfh 120 is AMAZING! i'll try to remember to update after we throw a few back, can't make any promises since that will be at least 10 weeks from now. i have their hefeweizen going into bottles this weekend and i'll you know how that one goes too.

TeleTwanger 10-08-2008 03:56 AM

You guys talking about Homebrew USA in Norfolk? I go there too...I'm making a 60min Dogfish Head clone next week, I'll post the recipe if you want.

bluestreakm3 10-08-2008 04:09 AM

yeah..... it's in the janaf shopping center. probably brewing their Belgian white on sat. i think it's a hoegaarden clone.

tbone 10-08-2008 12:47 PM

For my 60 min clone my grain bill was 13 1/2 pounds. My 90 min clone recipe was 17 pounds. Hops were Amarillo , Sincoe, and Colmbus (substitute for Warrior)

GLWIII 10-08-2008 01:11 PM


Originally Posted by TeleTwanger (Post 885844)
You guys talking about Homebrew USA in Norfolk? I go there too...I'm making a 60min Dogfish Head clone next week, I'll post the recipe if you want.

Please do post it. I would like to try this one some time. Thanks.

TeleTwanger 10-08-2008 02:28 PM

This is one based off BYO March 2006 version. The hop schedule tries to get the following bitterness from each hop: Columbus 37ibu, Simcoe 18ibu, palisades 5ibu.
I haven't tried it yet, I'm brewing this on Monday I'll let you know how it turns out.

12 lbs pale malt
6 oz amber malt

.25 oz Columbus 13.2% 60
.25 oz Columbus 13.2% 50
.25 oz Columbus 13.2% 40
.25 oz Columbus 13.2% 35
.33 oz Simcoe 11.9% 30
.33 oz Simcoe 11.9% 25
.33 oz Simcoe 11.9% 20
.50 oz Palisades 6.7% 15
.50 oz Palisades 6.7% 5

Ringwood Ale yeast
whirlfloc tab

mash 152 60 min

og 1.064
IBU 60

.75 oz Amarillo
.75 oz Simcoe
.75 oz Glacier

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