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jrakich87 10-04-2008 08:44 AM

need advice
So it's the end of the third day of fermentation for my first brew, an Amber ale. The yeast took off a bit early b/c of high temp, and I took a SG reading earlier today and it registered at 1.014. 1.011-1.013 was my estimated FG so I believe fermentation is almost complete. I'm leaving in primary for a week to allow the yeast to clean up its byproducts from a hot early fermentation, but I think bottling in a week and conditioning for only two weeks will give me a great first beer. The sample I tested today was WONDERFUL, very flavorful with a good balance of bitterness and I'm confident that dry hopping with 1 or 2 oz of Cascade hops will add just the right amount of aroma I'm looking for.

Temp is still at 70-72 degrees F in primary and looking to leave in primary rather than rack to a secondary... any advice would be great as this is my first brew

Jaybird 10-04-2008 08:51 AM

I like to rack my beers to a secondary to clear them up a bit. I dont bottle anything so I cant help you there, but as for high temps you might get some fruity esters, most people like them I do in some brews like an amber ale. I think your gonna be just fine. Congrats on your first brew

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