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RichardJay 01-06-2012 12:37 AM

Is my yeast cake OK?
I have never done anything with my yeast fancier than pouring a vial or smack pack, so I wanted to expand my horizons a bit and planned my most recent batch and my upcoming batch together (first one low gravity, low hops, second a bigger IPA, both using the same yeast-WLP001) with the intention racking beer 1 to secondary to free up the yeast cake and racking beer 2 onto it.

First Brewday was 5 days ago and went fine, but I had a problem with my temp controller for my fermentation fridge (A wine chiller). At first, it was disconnected so instead of it maintaining my 70 degree pitching temp, it dropped down to 60 degrees when I checked on it in the morning, so I plugged in my temp controller, but I had it set too high, so the fermented peaked (I hope) at 73 degrees. I then set it to 68 degrees where I wanted it and it has stayed there happily since approximately 24 hours after pitch.

I realize I run the risk of some extra yeast "character" that I was not going for, and I'm OK with that, but will that cool period followed by the warm period affect the quality of the yeast in the cake for my second batch? The optimal temp for the yeast is 68-73 degrees, so I assume they are still largely healthy, but I'd like to avoid any unintended flavors in the bigger beer that is really the final product I am going for. The first beer is basically a big starter that I can drink, .

kh54s10 01-06-2012 12:41 AM

It should be fine. I think the flavor will only affect the beer not the yeast. When you do your second beer you will not need the whole cake. Maybe about 1/3. mrmalty.com has information on using yeast "slurry".

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