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BansheeRider 12-31-2012 09:48 PM

My first brew is only a month away from consumption :)
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Well I transfered my first brew into secondary today after one week in primary (Autumn Amber Ale from MWS). My OG was 1.043 and I've had a consecutive FG read of 1.009 for a couple days. I transfered to secondary so I can free up my primary bucket. The foam you see on top is starsan. I hope the foam doesn't increase the oxygen in the beer, as I know oxygen is a bad thing at this point.

Is there any suggestions on how long I should leave this in secondary? I was thinking 1-2 weeks in carboy and 2-3 weeks in the bottle conditioning. The beer is dark, maybe caused by cloudiness and trub. It was my first time siphoning so I got a little trub in the carboy. I also had a problem with the stopper staying inserted in the carboy because it was soaked with starsan. I had to dry it off and re-insert.

My next beer I'm thinking will be the high octane IPA, over 6% ABV Has anybody had this beer before? I will definately need to secondary ferment that beer because the recipe calls for oak chips after primary.

Here's a pic of my first brew
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