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TJSense 10-07-2012 09:00 PM

My First Brew
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Hello All,

I wanted to post up my first brew. I am actually surprised there isn't a thread on this yet, who knows, maybe I just started it.

Well, anyways, my first kit ever was Monster Brew Amber Ale. I brewed the beer on September 8th, it sat in the primary for a week, then I transferred to a secondary fermenter on the 15th. I wanted it to sit in the secondary for couple of weeks to get it nice and clear. I did not however add Irish Moss, which I hear is great to clear it up. So I racked my bottles on the 29th and let them sit. I put one bottle in the fridge this morning and I just tried it. I must say this is one of the best beers I have ever tried. I cannot believe that this beer tastes so good. I am officially hooked and I cannot wait to start my next batch. I think I am going to go with a Holiday Porter. Any and all comments are welcome. Cheers and happy brewing!

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Feeny 10-07-2012 10:28 PM

Thats awesome to hear your first came out so good. I just bottled my first batch on October 2. Excited to open the first one in a few days and try it.

Unibrow 10-07-2012 10:37 PM

Welcome to the insanity

MicheleE63 10-07-2012 10:37 PM

TJSense, I am on my 5th batch and I'm with you. First batch was surprisingly good and now I'm hooked too. I brewed a red ale first. I've brewed a 5 gallon batch every Sunday since September 9th. I'm tasting my White House Honey Ale later tonight, and today I brewed a Southern Pecan Brown Ale. This is so cool!

Hackwood 10-07-2012 10:38 PM

Welcome to the addiction. I'm sure lots will tell you that. It isn't a hobby after a little while. More of an addiction. haha Way to go, and enjoy the fruits of your labors. (OH, and you'd better get started on that 2nd batch or your pipeline is going to run dry!)

BamaRooster 10-07-2012 11:53 PM

Awesome!!!! Keep on brewing!

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