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StittsvilleJames 02-28-2011 10:01 PM

My Epoxy beer
I just finished my 3rd batch (a wheat beer) which is right now in primary, and my first two batches are sitting in bottles.

The first was an extract kit, brewed a few weeks before superbowl. I found it has a wierd aftertaste, which sits on the back of your tongue a few seconds after you swallow and is really bitter.

My second batch I just opened a couple the other day, and found that it is really malty, without any bitterness at all. It was a recipe I found online.

So, what I did, was mix beer 1 and beer 2 together, and oh my god! It is absolutely fantastic!

It's too bad I didn't mix them before they were bottled, but on a positive note, when I go to have a beer now, I need to open two bottles, and must now have twice as much beer at a time. :drunk:

SilentAutumn 02-28-2011 11:23 PM

What kind of beer were the first and second kit?

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