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dmbnpj 09-19-2009 05:34 PM

March 809 pump
I have one of these for my AG setup and was wondering what others thought about these pumps? I have a lot of messing around to do with mine in order to get it to pump the wort from one keggle to another. I have a specifically hard time when all the kegs are about equal height with one another. What I normally have to do is drop the keg that I am transferring the liquid to, down on the ground and then get the pump as low as I can also. The pump has a hard time pumping the liquid up and over into the keg. Just wondering if this is just mine or others have problems like this also?

The Pol 09-19-2009 05:39 PM

These pumps are awesome.

If you prime them properly, they are a dream. I open my valves going to the pump inlet and drop the outlet hose below source fluid level to allow the water/wort to flow and fill the hose. I then close the valve to lock the fluid in.

Turn the pump on and open the valve, it is primed. Takes me about 10 seconds.

dmbnpj 09-19-2009 07:06 PM

Maybe I just need a little practice priming it then.

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