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Jade_The_Raw 08-04-2012 04:23 AM

Looking for a good starter kit.
I'm new here from so cal trying to get into brewing.

Iv been looking at the northern brew kit but that's pretty much all iv really looked into. Are there others out there around the same price that offer better stuff? Or wha.
Cause I would right off the bat wanna do 20gal in 4 diff buckets but idk what's good or not.

billf2112 08-04-2012 12:49 PM

I am guessing you are talking about equipment. Most online and lhbs will offer starter kits. Look them over, the biggest thing I will say is don't skimp on the brew pot, you will just be buying a new one next year. If money is tighter get a decent kit and a turkey fryer set up, you can go all grain then without buying a new pot. Basic kit should include a fermenting bucket, bottling bucket, cleaning brushes, stiring spoon, termometer, star san, auto siphon, bottling wand, some tubing, airlocks and bungs, capper. Things to add wine thief maybe a carboy if you wanna see the beer as it ferments, a good funnel. Palmers book. bottles, lots of bottles.

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