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mrrshotshot 08-14-2012 12:19 AM

Lactobacillus-like bubbles formed while dry hopping?
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So I'm not trying to start one of those newbie "is my beer infected?" threads, but I saw something today that caught my eye and could use some opinions.

I have recently seen pictures of what a lactobacillus infection looks like on beer. Well, I came home today and looked at my ipa and these caught my eye:

Attachment 71817

Normally I'm used to seeing very small clusters of bubbles on the surface this late into fermentation (its been 16 days). Bit I can't recall if I saw this on another beer I've dry hopped (only done 2).

I'm curious if the hops could be forming these bubbles. Like a hop resin on the surface thats not allowing co2 to escape easily, thus causing the big bubbles.

I'm really thorough when I clean and sanitize so I'm not very worried about this but wanted to get the opinion of some seasoned vets.

I would take a sample but I'm out of Sanitizer.

Thanks, guys/gals.

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