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cbmikey 10-25-2012 08:36 PM

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An update here. We cracked open the last 2 (pic attached, photobucket is blocked at work!) from this batch. By far they were the tastiest out of the bunch. I must say the Hallertau hops gave it a gross dirt-y aftertaste/bite after swallowing. I won't be using those anymore. Too bad I now have 3/4 oz left that will get thrown away. Overall though the beer was tasty but SWMBO didn't approve all that much. She drank it because I was excited about it and we were out of BMC. I have a batch of Prince Ludwig Lager that is ready for bottling tonight. So 3-4 weeks and I'll be drinking that. I pulled a taste 3 or 4 nights ago and offered some to the wife. Her first response was "Mmmmm! Not bad at all!" so I have high hopes for this batch!

I'm waiting for an Amazon gift card (gotta love Harris polls) that I will use to buy my next batch of ingredients right now.


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