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justaguy88 09-06-2011 08:39 PM

I have no idea what anyone's talking about, best place to start reading?
Just bought my starter brew equipment but have yet to receive it. Can anyone direct me to a good source of consolidated information that explains the basics of the brewing process and terminology? I don't want to buy a book or anything just yet. Thanks!

AZ_IPA 09-06-2011 08:40 PM

howtobrew.com is a great place to start...

LandoLincoln 09-06-2011 08:40 PM

John Palmer - "How to Brew." The whole book is free and online.

Revvy 09-06-2011 08:43 PM

How To Brew

Also read the stickies in the top sections of this forum....Those have the most common info, especially in the beginner's section.

jpar345 09-06-2011 08:45 PM

Yes it seems even in the beginner's section of this forum people are throwing around some pretty scientific shizz. I'm about 100 pages into "The Complete Joy of Home Brewing" and have learned a fair amount but there's still a lot to go. It's nice reading about complex all-grain recipes but I'm not attempting one until I have a few extracts under my belt (and have all the necessary supplies).

BulldogBrewer 09-06-2011 09:01 PM


Originally Posted by jpar345 (Post 3233701)

Shizz??? Reported per #7.

J/K - Welcome to the forums :D

eltorrente 09-06-2011 09:11 PM

Yup, just read HowToBrew, and stay off the forums until you read through it. Forums can get you detoured and bogged down in too much info at first.

unionrdr 09-06-2011 09:17 PM

Here's a blast from my past that this thread is starting to sound like....
Fits rather well,to me...In my day getting "stoned" also meant what you now call "flaming/ranking". It's a biblical reference to the act of stoning someone re-applied.

themashedone 09-06-2011 09:53 PM

what i did to get started everytime i came across a term i did not understand, I googled it, then you got urself a definition. It helped me tremendously.

unionrdr 09-06-2011 11:16 PM

This was slang usage we used to come up with in our "mental state" at the time. I wonder if all those definition sites cover slang?

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