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zacster 04-09-2008 03:47 AM

I bottled my lager tonight
It was in the cold water bath for 3 weeks, but the weather just won't hold up for a fourth, so I bottled. I figure that in the bottle I have more options for keeping it cold between closed coolers and the fridge. As long as the temp outside was under 50 I was OK, but its supposed to be near 70 the rest of the week. That'll be too warm for keeping up with the ice in a garbage can that I was using.

I'll have to say though that I think I have a winner in this batch. The sample was crisp, clear, no off flavors.

One question that I've already asked without any answer. Should I keep it lagering now, or should I let it warm up to carbonate, then bring it back down for lagering after 3 weeks. It already has 3 weeks of lagering behind it.

conpewter 04-10-2008 09:52 PM

Personally since it's lagered for 3 weeks I'd bring it up to carbonation temperatures (which with a lager yeast will probably still be only in the 50's, but room temp wouldn't hurt with that little amount of fermentables). Then after 3 weeks of carbonating I'd get it back down cold again and start drinking (slowly as it will get better over time)

zacster 04-11-2008 04:03 AM

I still have it cold, but I'm going to let it warm up to carbonate this weekend. I need to move all of my beer around as it is getting in the way.

I also tried one tonight after only a few days in the bottle, no bubbles in sight, but I wasn't really expecting any. When I bottled it I expected the last bottle to be short and I was going to drink that one as a taste. But as luck would have it, the siphon quit just as the beer reached the top, so I had a full bottle. I only had the hydrometer sample to taste. I just couldn't resist. No more tastes until its had enough time to be ready.

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