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Jukas 05-30-2012 05:34 PM

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Originally Posted by Zoltanar View Post
I somewhat agree with you, but my stirplate is not working as I would like.
The computer fan I used is off balance with the magnet I glued on it, and I did not have an erlenmayer (or whatever you call this thing in english), so I am using a pyrex coffee pot. My stirbar starts everyonce in a while to be off "balance" and it stops turning properly. I am not sure what is the trouble : the fan, the pot, the stirbar, or something else.
Also, when turning, the stirbar - which is not exactly round shaped, but bevelled (looks like this one http://www.uwplatt.edu/chemep/chem/c...c/stirbar2.jpg) - always makes a bit of ticking noise, so leaving it on at all time is disturbing, specialy during night.
If you have ideas of what might go wrong, let me know!
Ahh, now I understand better. Balance seems to be one of the banes of homemade stirplates. I'm still fighting with it on mine I can't turn the speed up past 1/4 on a 1L starter or 1/2 on a 2L starter before it throws the bar.

As for the dreaded ticking noise, that's an easy fix. My wife complained mightily about it as I run my stirplate in the kitchen. In the end two of the smallest diameter o-rings in a keg o-ring kit (1/4" I think?) fixed it, I've attached a pic of my stirbar for ya.

Spicemon1972 06-02-2012 03:37 PM

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I made my first starter last night after reading and re-reading this thread to get the full gist of what to do. I have one question that I haven't seen asked yet on here. What am I looking for once the starter has been going to make sure my yeasties are active and reproducing?
What I see so far is a whitish layer on the bottom of my growler, a little, thin patch of white foam on the surface of the starter and the on the very top of the "beer" is an clear layer of liquid. Here's a pic of the starter at roughly 12 hours.

Attachment 63375

I give it a little whirl whenever I walk by it which mixes it all back up and causes about an inch of fast receding foam.
I'm thinking that this is what I want to happen, but would love to get a bit of confirmation.

Thanks and Cheers!

mmcshmi11 11-08-2012 05:20 AM

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Can anybody explain what the different layers are in the yeast starter after putting it in the fridge? From what I can tell, there are 4:
1) Dark bottom layer = dead yeast?
2) White layer = pure yeast
3) Milky brown liquid = wort with some yeast in suspension?
4) Top spent wort brown layer

I would assume the yeast would eventually all fall out of suspension with enough cold crashing. However, I'm concerned that the bottom dark layer is dead and will contribute off flavors since it is not pure fresh yeast. If anybody can clear this up, that would be great.

ross_daly 06-08-2014 02:55 AM

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Does it bother anyone else that the picture doesn't have anything about topping up to 800 ml in it? I think this probably ruins a lot of starters for some people.

I snuck in a step about that. I hope it helps people.

Black Island Brewer 09-20-2014 05:48 AM

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I mash my starter wort rather than using extract, in part for the cost and in party because I pressure can it so I can make starters quickly without having to boil and chill every time. I make a1.040 wort using full volume BIAB, then can it on quarts, pints and half pints. I mash at 148 for a couple hours to create a highly fermentable wort. I happen to be doing this at this very second.

fun4stuff 01-04-2015 03:53 PM

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I was hoping to get some clarification on making a starter to make sure i'm understanding the online calculator correctly, as I'm new to beer brewing and never made a starter.

I will be following a tripel recipe and plan to have a OG of 1.073 (6 gallons). I don't have a stir plate.

According to yeastcalc.co, I'll need about 403 billion yeasties.


So to make a 2 L starter, I'd dissolve 8.05 oz DME in 2 L water and then boil, cool, add yeast as described in original post.

According to the calculator, I would only have ~205 billion cells after ~24 hrs.

So I would then refrigerate the starter overnight, decant the next morning, allow to come to room temp.

Again add 8.05 oz DME to slightly less than 2L water and prepare as described in original post. After cooling to 70-80 degrees, pitch yeast slurry from solution above (what is left after decant and coming to room temp).

Then after an additional 24 hrs, according to the calculator I'd have > 400 billion yeasties.

Is this correct?

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