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mongrell 02-12-2008 10:58 PM

Hop Suggestions IPA
Does anyone have any hop suggestions for an IPA recipie I'm creating?

IBU = 58

mongrell 02-12-2008 10:58 PM

And by that I mean what hops to use... cascade, williamete, saaz etc.

bradsul 02-12-2008 11:07 PM

That's a pretty open-ended question. First, what kind of IPA are you making - English or American style?

Poindexter 02-12-2008 11:28 PM

What hops can you get?

Every one here who has brewed "a couple" IPAs is going to have an opinion along with all the onsie body parts. one tongue, one spinal cord...

Which hops can you get? Post that list and we'll have something to discuss.

z987k 02-13-2008 12:45 AM


Beerthoven 02-13-2008 01:14 AM

Look through the recipe database to see what others have used. That should give you some ideas.

Poppy360 02-13-2008 02:38 AM

Magnum for bittering, centennial for aroma and dry hopping.

Mmmmmmmmm, my favorite. :cross:

trabus 02-13-2008 05:55 AM

I'm really enjoying this batch that has Columbus and Amarillo in it (15 min addition and dryhop).

mongrell 02-13-2008 07:24 PM

Let me ask a varriation. I currently have these on stock:

2oz Saaz
2.5oz Amerillo Gold
2oz Cascade
2.5oz Hershbrucker
2oz Santium
0.5oz Williamette

And with those I created the hop recipie below:

0.05oz Amerillo Gold added to boil every 5minutes between minute over the first 80 minutes of a 120min boil

0.25oz Santium at 20min, 15min and 5 minutes to flame off

0.25oz Santium 5 minutes after flame off

1oz Cascade and 1oz Saaz for a 20 day dry hop

Have any suggestions or changes? I'm down to go purchase more stock, and I live in the Northwest and have great access to most all variety of hops.

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