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NikolaiKozlov 12-14-2012 07:49 AM

High ABV recipe for Jungle Juice mix? Frat problems!
Hello Homebrewtalk! This will be my first post, so I'll share a little about myself in this post. I'm 23, a sophomore in college(saved money up for 3 years post-HS), and in a frat. Feel free to joke me about it. I'm majoring in Food Science and Technology. I hope to start a microbrewery/restaurant one day. Short and simple, I'm the mad brew scientist for my fraternity brothers.

I run a quick brew factory in the house basement. We throw a few big parties every month, so I make gallons of brew. I have four 5 gallon plastic carboys, 2 8 gallon ferment buckets, airlocks, a few 2L starter flasks, stove top, fridge, bottle of campden pills and ~3lbs generic biotin yeast nutrients. Quite the setup. I save the brothers and myself $100s. I love doing it and people love me for it.

Also, I don't age anything over a couple weeks. The longest one of my brews has lasted from first bubble to last solo cup is probably 3 months unless I brew it over the summer. I do a lot of ciders, because of the easy 8-10+% abv I can get with a month ferment that doesn't taste like crap and girls will actually drink it. I backsweeten with fruit concentrates all the time. Many of you probably already hate me for disrespecting the art.....

Sorry, but the motives behind my posts here are going to be about making party drink to get girls, make money, and make the frat look good.


I've been doing some experimenting, but it'd save me a lot of time and effort to ask here with the wealth of knowledge you masters have. I need a fast, relatively easy, high ABV (15+%) recipe for anything. cider, mead, beer, don't care because it's going to end up mixed with some fruit or soda concentrate in it. That's right it's the JUNGLE JUICE! The 10 gallon cooler with the spigot at the bottom is the party centerpiece. We keep it flowing!

I've been able to reach as high as 16.5% in 5 weeks with champagne yeast in cider, but it wasn't the greatest taste even aging it a WHOLE month.

The primary objective...

is a 15+% ABV brew that can be ready to consume in under 2 months max (after being backsweetened).
The fruitier/sweeter the better so it'll mix well and the females will drink it. It can't taste like pure jet fuel.

I really want the jungle juice to be 10+% ABV after being mixed.


Airborneguy 12-14-2012 08:14 AM

You're on the wrong forum for this question. Get ready for worse responses than mine...

MrNatural 12-14-2012 08:35 AM


Originally Posted by Airborneguy (Post 4681517)
You're on the wrong forum for this question. Get ready for worse responses than mine...

Especially when you come back later and add that you also want to "evaporate" it.

45_70sharps 12-14-2012 08:54 AM

There's only one recipe that comes to mind.

What you wanna do is got a whole bunch of fresh fruit, some 7 up and a couple of half gallons of cheap vodka.

Cut the fruit up into chunks, dump it and the 7 up and vodka into the cooler.

Shake the cooler and serve.

You aren't going to find people on here with a recipe for high alcohol quick brew that taste drinkable.

Aside from that, I'm jealous.
I do miss those days, sort of.

NikolaiKozlov 12-14-2012 08:55 AM

Not the right forum? I make plenty of legitimate brews and recipes and will post about them when I feel they've been perfected.

Right now, I just need a quick and easy recipe for getting alcohol into lots of people without poisoning them and getting complaints about the taste.

I've seen hooch threads like this on here before. I'm on homebrewtalk a lot, just never made an account yet. If by "evaporate" you mean distill, I'm not into that.

Cheap Vodka!!!! $30 after taxes for 1.75L of bottom shelf in my state. That'd total up to over $300 for the whole party. With homebrew, it'd cost less than $50 and we don't run out. Also, my brews tends to cause less of a hangover than cheap vodka..... disgusting. our guests don't appreciate that at all.

BluBruShack 12-14-2012 08:56 AM

Get em drunk and lower their standards... classy Airborne is right. Wrong place

NikolaiKozlov 12-14-2012 09:14 AM


Originally Posted by BluBruShack (Post 4681531)
Get em drunk and lower their standards... classy Airborne is right. Wrong place

Wrong idea man. I didn't say anything about getting girls drunk so i could sleep with them. I said I wanted them to be able to drink it without hating the taste. That's gentlemanly in my eyes....

when I say "get girls" I mean get girls to want to come to our parties. If a girl goes to our party and thinks our drinks are the best, she'll want to come back and bring her friends. Our homebrews, which we often say are from classy faraway microbreweries, have given us a great reputation. And we save money to spend on real events like formals and date parties. like gentlemen.

Girls control how much they drink and they know how strong our jungle juice is. If they're too far gone, we don't mess with it and make a DD pledge help her friends take her home. like gentlemen.

"Treat 'em right when drunk, makes them want you more when they're sober." - a basic pledge education principle

This preconceived idea about college life based off American Pie is nowhere near the reality.

BluBruShack 12-14-2012 09:38 AM

My apologies, Frat boys are not known for their tact in getting the end result out of women. With this being said have you looked into wine making? If you are just mixing it with others anyways it can make for a very nice drink. http://skeeterpee.com/?page_id=17 is a lemon wine that is around 10% and ferments to a clean sweet alcohol(relatively fast). Its not 15% but goes down very easy and you could always try to add more sugar to see what you can boost it to before it hits jet fuel flavor.

chungking 12-14-2012 10:20 AM

I hear "roofie-colata's" do the trick...

NikolaiKozlov 12-14-2012 10:28 AM

That sounds pretty good. My experience with wine is that if you don't age it for 6 months minimum it tastes disgusting. This recipe specifically explains it tastes great from day 1. I may try it and play around with the yeasts to get a higher ABV. There are some amazing new yeasts coming out everyday.

I'm just not the wine type honestly. Maybe I'm just not mature enough to appreciate it yet haha

I hate to admit this, but I've been experimenting with sugar washes and distillers yeasts.... They get a bad rep because fast fermentation usually puts out quite a bit of methanol and other nasty by products. This is not actually the case anymore with some of the newer high quality distillers yeasts.

I'm currently (like this very minute as I'm writing) playing around with an Alcotek VodkaStar sugar wash.

After one week of violent fermentation in primary, I added more sugars and nutrients. It picked up for about 2 days more. By day 14, it was still bubbling every so often but not violently, so I racked it, threw in a campden pill, and crash chilled in the fridge. waited 3 days for it to clear, racked it, ran it through some coffee filters, pastuerized it, and put it in a 3 gallon container. just did that last part an hour ago.

I wanted to make sure to keep out the yeast flavor and as many hangover-causing byproducts as possible. It's supposedly a very clean distillers yeast. sounds oximoronic to me.

The best part though! I'm getting ~16.5% abv and it taste like simple sugar water with only a small burning sensation. Nothing like jet fuel. I'll get a few friends as test subjects to get a decent buzz on and see how they feel the next day.

I could definitely mix something with this though.

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