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Schnitzengiggle 08-06-2011 05:29 AM

Help! Infection, or normal biofilm?
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I have been brewing for almost 3 years, and AG for over 2 of those 3, but I recently racked 5 gallons of a split Kolsch batch to keg, and the fermenter had a nasty looking biofilm in it reminiscent of an infection. Here it is in all of it's glory:

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I didn't notice a film ontop of the beer, nor any type of pellicle in the beer whe I racked.

This was a split batch, and the first 5 gallons was racked to geg over a month ago, while this one sat in the fermentation chamber for another month or so. Unfortunately, I found a ass-load of black mold in the ferm chamber when pulling this batch out, and have since them cloroxed the hell out of it (guess I need some Eva-Dry), any ho, I dunno if that could be part of the problem, if it is a problem.

I recently started using clear plastic carboys opposed to pails, so I simply may not have noticed any film beforehand. any advice, or explanations would be grateful.

I sampled the beer, and to me there isn't any sour twang, or nasty flavors, but my palette is far from refined.

Comments, ar surely welcome


barroomhero1234 08-06-2011 05:37 AM

looks off. Looks like my brett starter. If its good right now throw and party and drink it before it gets real funky!

jkatz419 08-06-2011 06:05 AM

That doesn't look right to me (never seen that before), but then again 95% of what looks "funky" in the fermenter is perfectly normal :) When in doubt, taste it. If it's infected you'll know. Assuming you had an airlock that was filled with vodka and it never went dry your black mold issue was probably just a coincidence. However if you use sanitizer in your airlock you need to change it out every once in a while as it looses its sanitizing power over time.

Schnitzengiggle 08-06-2011 06:42 AM

FWIW, I had a blow off rig set up for longer than usual, but it never went dry, so forget about the sanitizer issue. Buggies don't flow up and through a tube. I switched to an airlock only a week ago, and it didn't go dry.

I just finished cloroxing the hell hout of the ferm chamber. I think I am gonna sell it and drop the coin on another freezer ( I CL'd one that was intended to be a fer chamber, [too big!] but I couldn't pass up the offer, we use it as a...um freezer, lol will become a keezer when the time is right.) a 6-7cu will do the job, and I have the temp controller and such, so my only investment will be the unit.

Anyhow Saison for Sunday, Kolsch(2) in the keg, tasted fine, but the film is strange, i think some sort of infection (maybe it will make for a more interesting beer?) any other comments on the picture is welcome from veterans with a better knowledge of the funky biggies...

Thanks for the replies jkatz, and baroomhero.


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