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BrewJr 03-10-2009 03:36 AM

Fridge conversion
Can anyone give me some advice on the cost associated with converting a fridge to a kegorator? i only want three taps on it, i love to brew but the bottling part gets a little tedious! i'd much rather siphon it all into a keg and be done with it!

truckmann 03-10-2009 03:40 AM

Well I think we will need some more info on what you want or have to work with.

If you have nothing and just want to run shanks through a cheap craigslist refrigerator, I would say you are looking at a couple hundred bucks for all the taps, hoses, fittings, and C02 tank for a keg fridge.

BrewJr 03-10-2009 03:49 AM

i have nothing!

larrybrewer 03-10-2009 03:52 AM

Get a package deal for the tank, lines, and a corney keg, I saved money that way. Then, go and buy several more corney kegs and extra hosing they are really handy! You'll love kegging.

$200 minimum setup sounds about right.

truckmann 03-10-2009 04:02 AM

Ok so assuming you are looking to get a fridge built as cheap as possible. Around here it's not too hard to get an old fridge from Craigslist for very little if not free. Then after that you will of course need some kegs. There are about 3 different people right here on HBT that you can get a good deal on those from. You will be looking at about $100-$120 for 4 kegs depending on shipping. Around $75 for a full CO2 bottle and another maybe $150 for all the fittings, regulator, taps, shanks, and hoses. So I would budget around $300-$400 for a whole 3 tap setup and hope you can find a good deal on a used fridge.

JuanKenobi 03-10-2009 03:27 PM

You can get good deals on Corny Kegs at chicompany.net. They sell them in 4 packs which are $87 right now. They've got every part you could possibly imagine as well. Not sure how their prices compare for taps/hardware.

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