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Epimetheus 02-06-2013 10:24 PM

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So far the count looks like this. (Sorry, gcdowd, did not get your contribution in yet) Certainly my choice of subs can be questioned. However you play it, the 3 C's are right up there with Cascade way out front.

My current 5 bulk choices from this would be
aroma Cascade,
bittering Columbus,
aroma Willamette (can get it locally),
dual Fuggles,
dual Amarillo or Citra.
East Kent Golding is more popular but Fuggles is dual-role and has that UK earthiness. I could try them by making 2 liter batches of DME and hopping with a fractional ounce of each, at 30 min and 7 min. Heck, I might do that and not carbonate, just keep the wort on hand for comparing.

Differing opinions are welcome. Might be an interesting poll.

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