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Mike1983 02-16-2010 10:05 PM

First Stout, mmmmmm.
So I just got my first batch of stout going Sunday night, well actually 2am Monday morning. I used one of the Mr. Beer kits and played around with it some. I used 1 can of their St. Patrick's Irish stout HME, 1 can of their creamy brown UME, 1 pack of Booster, and their Wyeast Labs liquid stout yeast. I was a little concerned at first since it was my first time using a liquid yeast and I didn't know how much was supposed to be in the smack pack, it looked like only about a teaspoon came out, and one of the sides of the nutrient pack didn't break, but last night I had plent of bubbles and what looks like yeast cake on the bottom of the fermentor. I'm thinking about leaving it in the fermentor for about a month and then bottle it and lager it for another month before drinking. What do you guys think? I hoping for a nice hearty stout.

weirdboy 02-16-2010 10:10 PM

I wouldn't think you need to lager it for a month, although it certainly won't hurt anything. Also, you want to store the beer for 2-3 weeks at room temperatures after bottling so it will carbonate properly.

TipsyDragon 02-16-2010 10:12 PM

a stout is a ale not a lager. lagering won't do anything and will slow if not stop the conditioning process. next time make sure both nutrient packs are broken and the pack is fully puffed up before adding to the wort.

Mike1983 02-16-2010 10:36 PM

I forgot to mention that I was going to let it carbonate for a couple of weeks, before sticking it in the fridge. So far I like letting the beer age in the fridge rather than in the closet after carbonation. And about the yeast, it was puffed up almost 2 inches when I opened it so I figured it was ready to go, I couldn't even tell that the second part of the nutrient pack wasn't open.

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